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Patriotic Paddle 2012 Written by BCAnoe! 1027
Election of Executives Written by BCAnoe! 1416
Double Head Cabbage to Flowers Bank Race 2012 Written by BCAnoe! 770
NICH New River Canoe Challenge 2012 Written by BCAnoe! 815
SMART River Challenge @ NATS 2012 Written by BCAnoe! 873
Spanish Lookout Lagoon Race 2012 Written by BCAnoe! 826
Boom to di City 2012 Written by BCAnoe! 761
2012 Canoe Season Written by BCAnoe! 852
The Cheesy Riders are Coming Written by BCAnoe! 817
Father Day Fun Race 2011 Written by BCAnoe! 749

News Flash

Canoe Registration

The Coast Guard will be assisting BCAnoe with canoe registration and life jackets / PFD inspection. This is to ensure that your life jackets and / or PFDs are serviceable. This will be done at the time of registration of your canoe. Only inspected life jackets and/or PFD that have been tagged will be able to be worn during our events.


Articles and Race Rules

At the Members Meeting held on November 24, 2012. Those present decided to accepted the Articles of Association and the 2013 Race Rules as was presented!.  Both are available on the site.