28 November 2012

Annual NATS Canoe Race

Written by BCAnoe!



The National Agricultural Trade Show Committee with the assistance of The Belize Canoe Association presents their “Annual National Agricultural Trade Show Canoe Race”. The race is scheduled for Saturday 1st May 2010. The race is open to all and we are encouraging new comers and families to attend. All teams must be present at the signing in and announcements on the riverside at Iguana Creek Bridge at 8:00 am and the race is scheduled to begin at 9:00 sharp. The race is expected to last about 3 hours and will end at the Trade Show Grounds.



The race will have an entry fee of $50 per team. Rules will follow the standards set by “The La Ruta Maya River Challenge” committee and those used by the BCA including the wearing of Life Jackets. Categories will include Male, Female, Mixed, Masters, Juniors under 16, Family, Dory and Pleasure Craft. Cash prizes and trophies will be awarded to the overall winners and winners of each category.



BCA wishes to thank the main sponsors of this race, The National Agricultural Trade Show Committee, Skylighters Unlimited and Architectural Accents and all other persons who have helped in making this race a reality. We urge you all to attend the race and look forward to a fun filled day. All proceeds will be donated to the Association with the intention of assisting the Belize teams for the Texas Safari and beyond and we are asking the recipients of these funds to make every effort to attend. We would mention that there will be no Safety Boat on the river this year and the water is low making some parts of the river faster and strainers more common. Each team will be responsible for their own support and safety.





Jeremy Wilken

Grumpy Old Men and

Belize Canoe Association

29th April 2010

28 November 2012

Boom to City 2010 Press Release

Written by BCAnoe!

Please click on the link below to see the Boom to City 2010 Press Release.

The Race was "powered by Guinness".

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28 November 2012

Boom to Manatee 2010 Press Release

Written by BCAnoe!

The Belize Canoe Association held the “3rd Annual Boom to Manatee Lookout Canoe Race” on Saturday 23rd January 2010 and was the first race for the 2010 season. The race was well attended with 19 entries covering most of the 8 categories along with their full entourages.

The race began at 10:00 sharp and the leaders, Caribbean Pride with Chris Guydis, and Justin and Germaine Sanchez, reached Manatee Lookout in just one hour and twenty five minutes comfortably ahead their rivals Belize Bank, with Armin Lopez, Amado Lopez and Daniel Cruz on board and Cruise Solutions who paddled with Jerry Rhaburn Efrain and Felix Cruz who were just seconds behind Belize Bank. Ragan International followed 3 minutes later with Nalbert Seguro, Jeremy Sanchez and Sheldon Seguro aboard. NICH hit the 5th spot in one hour and thirty five minutes followed by Jus Du It to take the 6th Male spot.

Print Belize with Erwin Cruz, Rudolph Gentle and Javier Guardado came 7th winning the first Pleasure Craft prize with Bell Scat 2 minutes later to take 2nd Pleasure. Grumpy Old Men hit the first place Masters with Francis Codd, Stanley Bailey and Jerry Wilken in the rear. The first Mixed team came in 10th, the Diplomats with Ronald Mendoza, Audrey Moody and Eldon August followed by the winning Female team Rob’s Angels with Marcela Cruz, Ana Lopez and Francisca Cruz, finishing 11th in one hour and forty seven minutes. Following behind them were WWJD and 2 Batsub entries all in the Male category with the Vista Chicks, Susan Wilken, Shelly Bowen and Laura Thompson in hot pursuit to claim the 2nd Female prize.

The Coast Guard Mermaids claimed 3rd Female and Really *&^%$# Grumpy Old Men with Michael Robert, Bruce Bowen and Joe Fuzy finished as 2nd Masters but were awarded the Dory Prize as sympathy for the number of spills they took on a dead flat river. The Blondie’s, sponsored by Make Up manufacturer Max Factor sidled up beautifully in 2 hours and 39 minutes with lipstick and hairdo’s immaculate. Finally after about 4  hours, the youngest team finished the race to be 2nd Mixed but were awarded the Juniors prize for paddling like babies.

The Organizers would like to thank all teams for attending as well as the sponsors, Belize Global Travel Services, SkyLighters Unlimited, Joseph & Taylor and Architectural Accents for their generosity and support. They would also like to thank Jamiel Estaphan of Manatee Lookout, Kathy and Dan Wakelin for timekeeping, Jose Swasey for support boat and all of the other helpers and supporters.

The next race is scheduled for 13 February and will be Boom to the City. Contact Johnny Watt at Sea Sports Belize for details.

Jeremy Wilken
Grumpy Old Men
25th January 2010

News Flash

Canoe Registration

The Coast Guard will be assisting BCAnoe with canoe registration and life jackets / PFD inspection. This is to ensure that your life jackets and / or PFDs are serviceable. This will be done at the time of registration of your canoe. Only inspected life jackets and/or PFD that have been tagged will be able to be worn during our events.


Articles and Race Rules

At the Members Meeting held on November 24, 2012. Those present decided to accepted the Articles of Association and the 2013 Race Rules as was presented!.  Both are available on the site.