28 November 2012

NATS 2008 Results

Written by BCAnoe!

Hi Canoe Fans, Athletes, and Sponsors,

Another successful race especially considering that most of the main teams are away competing in the USA at the moment!

The race started off at 9:00am on the dot having registered 8 teams! All teams completed the race. Team, time, place and prizes follows:


Race Place


Division Place


Total Prizes

Team Name

Hrs & Mins



1st Male







2nd Male



Santa Familia




1st Mix



Bel-Can Bears




3rd Male


We One




1st Masters



Grumpy Old Men




1st Pleasure



Reckless Boyz




2nd Pleasure


Belly Team




2nd Mix


Toucan Too



$1,400 Total




Special thanks to all the teams who participated, to the Agriculture and Trade Show Committee, to Architectural Accents, to Grupo Taca, to Minister Elvin Penner, and to Orange Giftshop & Gallery.



Julian Sherrard

Belize Canoe Association

28 November 2012

Boom to Manatee 2008 Race Results

Written by BCAnoe!


Boom to Manatee Lookout Canoe Race & Family Fun Race.

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The First Annual Boom to Manatee Canoe Race took place on 19th January 2008 and had a total of 19 boats participating, an excellent turnout for the first race of the 2008 season. The race commenced at 10:00am sharp and sprinted down river towards Manatee Lookout Bar & Restaurant some 12 miles down stream. The weather was sunny and hot with a strong breeze blowing up river. The finish was a photo finish with Belize Bank, 1 hr 37 mins edging out Atlantic Bank by just 2 seconds wining the overall champion and first male trophies as well as a gift certificate from Orange Gift Shop and a cash prize. Grumpy Old Men steamed in third at 1 hr 42 mins to win first Masters followed by Rock & Roll who came in 40 seconds later for 3rd Males and Builders who claimed 4th Male. Jonkanu came in 6th place and took the first Mixed trophy followed a minute later by Print Belize who took the fist Pleasure Boat trophy. A strongly contested race for first Female came next with PR Marriott Drilling edging out Grumpy Old Women by just 10 seconds. A flurry of activity took place from 2 hours to 2 hrs 15 mins when the Red Stripe team followed by a fleet of Batsub teams and Thread Love, all arriving during that time. The Thirsty Turtle had a relaxing day out followed closely by the Sea Scouts 1 team who took first Juniors. The final team, Sea Scouts 2 were plagued by homework chores and the final team had not been to practice and had to drop out.


The Family Fun Race was held after lunch with four teams taking part. High winds and drifting buoys slowed the race considerably but it was finally won by 3 Little Men, Matt, Lewie & John, who took home the trophy and a gift certificate from Orange Gifts. A second certificate was awarded to the most deserving paddler, Maddie Riley, in the fun race.


The Organizers would like to thank the sponsors, Architectural Accents, Belize Aggregates and SeaSports Belize for helping making the day possible as well as Manatee Lookout for letting us use the premises. A special thanks goes to Paul from Sea Sports for providing the safety boat (and to Julian who decided to use the motor instead of paddle) as well as Paul from Belize Aggregates for organising the entries, start and timing as well as the prize speech. Mention should also be given to the staff of Architectural Accents including Jose, Ray, Benjamin, Dennis, Deusbury and Brandon for organising the course, cooking the BBQ and cleaning up behind us when we had had enough. Thanks also to all the participants and their sponsors for making it a good day all round.


A reminder that the next race is 17th February starting at the boom landing and finishing at the BelCan bridge.


Jerry Wilken

21 January 2008

28 November 2012

Boom to City 2008 Results

Written by BCAnoe!

The Belize Canoe Association’s 8th Annual Boom to the City Canoe Race, held this past Sunday February 17th 2008 was a great success! With twenty three teams racing for the title of “Over-all Champion” and looking for a win in one of five different categories, the competition was intense!

The race left the Riverside Park in Burrel Boom at 9:10am and the 1st teams started arriving at the Belcan Bridge shortly before noon.

Team Belize Bank took the titles of “Over-all Champion” and “Male Division Champion” in the total time of 2 hours, 40 minutes, and 9 seconds and won $600! Just 10 seconds later, Team Reagan International crossed the finish line placing second Over-all and second in the Male Division winning $400. For third place Over-all and third in the Male Division came Team BNE Master Clean with a time of 2 hours, 41 minutes and 38 seconds winning $200.

Team Bismilla took first place in the Mixed Division and won $300 with a time of 2 hours, 55 minutes and 25 seconds! Second place in the Mixed Division went to Team Program for Belize who, incidentally, had they registered in the Masters Division, would have taken 1st place, with a total time of 3 hours, two minutes and 35 seconds and won $400.  Team Bonafide Hustlaz made it into third place Mixed Division by the skin of third teeth with a time of 3 hours, 31 minutes and 14 seconds winning $100!

Team Grumpy Old Men were the only Masters Team this year! They arrived in Belize City beating eleven other teams to the finish line with a time of 3 hours, 10 minutes and 59 seconds and won $100.

Team Immarbe took 1st place in the Pleasure Craft Division with a time of 3 hours, 13 minutes and 16 seconds and won $300. Team Print Belize came in 38 seconds later taking second place in the same division and won $200. Team Belize Coast Guard took third place coming in 4 minutes and 19 seconds later and won $100.

The first and only Female team was sponsored by PRMarriot. Their time was 3 hours, 18 minutes and 13 seconds and edged out the Belize Coast Guard Team by 22 seconds beating 8 other teams to the finish line winning $100!

A special thanks to the very generous sponsors of this awesome event: Belize Global’s Grupo Taca, Universal Hardware in Spanish Lookout, WesTrac in Spanish Lookout, Crystal Auto Rental in Belize City and Ladyville, and the Orange Giftshop and Gallery in Cayo and Ambergris Caye!

A big Thank You to Tony and the ladies from BATSUB who did and excellent job of time keeping and gathering the results!

Don’t forget the Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge starts on the 7th March in San Ignacio and ends in Belize City on March 10th! See you there!

News Flash

Canoe Registration

The Coast Guard will be assisting BCAnoe with canoe registration and life jackets / PFD inspection. This is to ensure that your life jackets and / or PFDs are serviceable. This will be done at the time of registration of your canoe. Only inspected life jackets and/or PFD that have been tagged will be able to be worn during our events.


Articles and Race Rules

At the Members Meeting held on November 24, 2012. Those present decided to accepted the Articles of Association and the 2013 Race Rules as was presented!.  Both are available on the site.