28 November 2012

Boom to the City 2007 Race Results

Written by BCAnoe!

The Belize Canoe Association held the sixth annual BOOM TO THE CITY CANOE RACE on  Sunday February 25th.

The race stared in Burrell Boom Village and finished at the Belcan Bridge in Belize City.

23 teams finished the race with six of the seven divisions being represented.

The Belize Natural Energy Team won the race in a time of 2:51:15 winning $800.00 and a trophy.

Belize Bankcame in second only 1 second behind winning $500.00.

Atlantic Bank placed third  winning $300.00 and a free entrance into La Ruta Maya.

The Cayo Boys Team placed fourth winning $100.00

The Builder’s Hardware Team came in first in the mixed division winning $200.00 and a trophy.

The BDF Mixed Team came in second in the mixed division and won $100.00.

Grumpy Old Men won the Master’s division winning $100.00 and a trophy.

Koop Sheet Metal won the female division winning $200.00 and a trophy.

The Coast Guard Team won the Pleasure division winning $300.00 and a trophy.

Team IMMARBE came in second in the pleasure division winning $200.00.

Print Belize came in third in the pleasure division winning $100.00.

St. Ignatius won the Intramural  division claiming a $100.00 prize and a trophy.


The Belize Canoe Association thanks all paddlers, fans, organizers and sponsors that made this event possible.

And we need to thank the following sponsors because without them this race would not have happened.

Brothers Habet

Habet and Habet

Caribbean Engineering

Belize Aggregates Ltd.

Universal Hardware

New Buildings

Crystal Auto Rental

Belize R Us Resort

And Koop Sheet Metal



Report sent in by Elvin Penner

President of the Belize Canoe Association.

28 November 2012

NATS 2007

Written by BCAnoe!

The Belize Canoe Association held its 8th annual Agricultural and Trade Canoe Challenge Saturday April 28.

18 teams started the race at the Iguana Creek Bridge and all finished on the Roaring River at the Show Grounds.


Male division

The Fruta Bomba team finished the race in first place in just a little less than 3 hours.

The paddlers are Chris Guydis, Sheldon Segura and Nalbert Segura.

They won a total of $600.00 and a trophy.

The Belize Natural Energy team placed second winning $400.00 and a trophy.

Team Cayo Central came in third winning $200.00.


Mixed division

Atlantic Bank got first place and won $300.00 and a trophy.

The San Ignacio / Santa Elena Town Board team came in second and won $200.00.

Koop Sheet Metal mix team placed third and won $100.00.


Master’s division

Grumpy Old Men came in first and won $100.00 and a trophy.


Intramural division

The Environmental Ambassadors came in first winning $100.00 and a trophy.


Pleasure division

Koop Sheet Metal pleasure team won this division and took home $400.00 and a trophy.

Team NICH came in second winning $300.00.

Print Belize placed third and won $200.00

Dalla Whine came in fourth winning $100.00


Lonzelle Sherrad wasawarded$150.00 for being the youngest paddler to ever finish a race in Belize.

This prize was donated by Reagan International.


We need to thank all our sponsors

Grupo Taca

Econo Diesel

The lodge at Chaa Creek

Reimers Feed Mill

Western Tractor Supply

Wallens Market Placencia

The Placencia Hotel and Residences

Robert M Usher Construction

Friesen Hatcheries

Koop Sheet Metal

Black Rock Lodge


I would also like to thank Dennis Johnson and Susan Wilken for helping with the time keeping.

And special thanks goes to all the fans and paddlers who made this the best Agricultural and Trade Canoe Challenge we ever had.


Report sent in

By Elvin Penner

President of the Belize Canoe Association

28 November 2012

Texas Water Safari 2007 Report

Written by BCAnoe!

Team Belize did a few more races in Texas on the last two weekends.   On the 16th of September they participated in the Junior Texas Water Safari.  Jerry Rhaburn paddled in the C1 solo class and came in first while Daniel Cruz and Tod paddled in the K2 unlimited and placed 4th.


On September 23rd our guys did several events in the Texas State Championships.  Daniel and Jerry paddled in the C2 class and won fairly easily.   They then both entered in the C1 solo class where they raced against each other and a number of other paddlers.  Jerry won this event while Daniel came in Second.  Jerry and Tod then did the Adult and Child class where they also won.


These might very well be the last races Team Belize will do in the USsince most of the guys are coming home this weekend to start to train for La Ruta Maya 2008.  They have done a fantastic job winning the majority of the races they have done.   They made us all proud.  The team consisted of the following paddlers.  Armin Lopez, Andres Cab, Jerry Rhaburn, Daniel, Efrain, Felix and Amado Cruz.


We need to thank Mr. John Bugge for hosting our team and taking care of them while in the US.   We do plan to paddle with him in a six man canoe next year again.


We also need to thank all our sponsors.  Without them we would no be able to represent Belize in these international events.


The sponsors are:

Grupo Taca

Marco Industries

Belize Aggregates

Reagan International

Hopkins Bay resort

Belizean Dreams

Belize Tourism Board

The BelizeCanoe Association




Report sent in by Elvin Penner

President of the Belize Canoe Association

News Flash

Canoe Registration

The Coast Guard will be assisting BCAnoe with canoe registration and life jackets / PFD inspection. This is to ensure that your life jackets and / or PFDs are serviceable. This will be done at the time of registration of your canoe. Only inspected life jackets and/or PFD that have been tagged will be able to be worn during our events.


Articles and Race Rules

At the Members Meeting held on November 24, 2012. Those present decided to accepted the Articles of Association and the 2013 Race Rules as was presented!.  Both are available on the site.